Friend or foe?

rdm: ooo awaiting for pokemom go to come sg!

Been a week of roller coaster ya?

Hearing sad news from 2 of my friends..

And subtly 2 good news..


but all of this means sooner or later distance. distance which hope friendship still remains, perhaps better for some..

Cleaned up my room abit, getting rid of stuff and deciding if it should go for salvation army. xD

Took out my old iPod and it played quite old songs few years back. Nostalgic memories.

Yui song 🙂 sweet voice of hers (crazy and rooted fan of godbro who dump all her songs when borrowed my iPod)

Dedication to all the unknown life factors and friends out there.

Cheer on! v (^^)


Lyrics: YUI Music: COZZi

Sumi nareta kono heya wo

Dete yuku hi ga kita

Atarashii tabidachi ni mada tomadotteru


Eki made mukau BASU no naka

Tomodachi ni MEERU shita


Asa no HOOMU de denwa mo shitemita

Demo nanka chigau ki ga shita


Furui GITAA wo hitotsu motte kita

Shashin wa zenbu oitekita


Nanika wo tebanashite soshite te ni ireru

Sonna kurikaeshi ka na?


Tsuyogari wa itsudatte yume ni tsuduiteru

Okubyou ni nattara soko de togireru yo


Hashiri dashita densha no naka

Sukoshi dake naketekita


Mado no soto ni tsuduiteru kono machi wa

Kawara nai de to negatta


Furui GITAA wo atashi ni kureta hito

Toukyou wa kowaitte itte ta


Kotae wo sagasu no wa mou yameta

Machigai darakede ii


Akai yuuyake ga BIRU ni togireta

Namida wo koraetemo


Tsugi no asa ga yattekuru tabigoto ni

Mayou koto datte aru yo ne?


Tadashii koto bakari erabe nai

Sore kurai wakatteru



Today I have to leave this old room of mine.
I’m still unsure about this new journey.

On the bus ride to the train station,
I text-messaged my friends.

At the station I tried calling someone,
But something felt different about it all.
All I brought with me was an old guitar,
Leaving the rest of my old life behind.

I take something and I get something,
I ponder that cycle in my heart.

I always try to hide my fears in my dreams.
When get afraid, I can’t seem to do anything.

I got on the train, it rushed away,
And I slowly started to cry.

Life in my town continued on outside.
I prayed that it’d never change.
The man who gave me my old guitar
Told me Tokyo is a scary place.

I’ve stopped looking for all the answers.
It’s okay to have some flaws.

Those grey skyscrapers blocked the setting sun.
Even if I endure these tears today,
Won’t tomorrow’s cold morning hold more doubt?

I can’t choose the right thing,
At least I know that much.




speech from wongfu guy phil


“Compared to your friends, you may not be as successful or know what you are doing, but guess what… No one here knows what they are doing. Everyone is just fronting… Especially with social media. Everyone is posing.”
Surround yourself with positive people who will push you as you find your way.

Perhaps passion is a too-heavy word for us, as he said. Maybe it’s also becoming passionate and ambitious about what we are chasing, and not solely about chasing what we are “passionate” about?


the 80/20 rule for evrything. .

be it r/s, skills, work

quote from a comment:

there will always be give and take in a relationship. Just because you have to give a small percentage when you really want to take doesn’t mean you should step away from all that you are given. Step back and look at everything you have and be thankful for it. If you are not getting what you need then maybe re-evaluate and communicate with your significant other. You will never find someone that is 100% perfect.

A couple that truly loves each other will want to make the other person happy. So if that is the case, water your grass and fertilize it. You will have a lush green grass that others will want to mimic.

Healthy and functional

Honesty, communication, 80/20, separation, Respect and love for the self, for their partner and for the relationship.




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Bkk Traverrer Series 2016



Another traverrer trip.

Well without purps due to family matters, else it be zhong you ji first may bday celebration overseas.


Day 3 28 Apr

Walk vvv long..

The Mandarin Oriental is located on Oriental Avenue right on the Chao Phraya River. Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin and transfer to the free Mandarin Oriental shuttle boat from the Saphan Taksin pier. Smart casual attire is requested (no flip flops — wear that clean shirt, the one you’ve been saving).



Earthsky :)

Non attachment

good read.

Non attachment. to let go.


So often, we hold on to the things and people in our lives that no longer enrich us. We cling to our difficult situations as if there are no other choices before us. We give up our power to create the lives we want to live by blaming circumstances of life, twists of fate, others, anything at all to avoid taking back our own responsibility. I have found that we often have choices, even if we don’t like them.

When we let go of what’s not for us, I truly believe that the things and people that are meant to be in our lives will be able to arrive. By letting go, we create space for good things to enter.


I think its similar to when you leave this world, you cant bring materialistic things along. Just enjoy the present and appreciate people around.


Had MC for the past 3 days.

1st round fever,  pop one pana and slp.

Next moment high fever and rashes.

Doctor advise drink more water, viral infections etc have same symptoms.

Then just rest. Fever up and down. Drink many many cold water (put in fridge) and like place the chilly water bottle to my skin. Sweat due to the hot weather. Cannot wrap layers and sleep without blanky.

2nd day subsided.

In that course,  watched Warm Bodies and Once Upon a time series!

Day 3, went to see doc again for diagnosis and if I better. So yea woke up early, like 7am. 730 made my way downstairs. It struck me. Looking around everyone is gloomy (or at least not smiling) preparing to go off 1st destination – mama to bring kid to sch, student to sch, OL and well dress adults.

Life… whats life suppose to be? Why are we waking up and going to work just to get paid. Is there passion in what you do, just for salary or for professionalism which u acquire?

Is there more to life?


Also had Watched S1 1st ep of The Elementary, super nice realised i stopped at season 2.

Shelock holmes noticed and told his assistant on his guess about her previous job. No body put 2 alarm clocks to wake up, it means you dread going to work. #truestory. But i saw ur eyes when you are interested in my line of work, you can be an investigator. 🙂  <something along those lines, interesting ya..>

So what’s your passion? What keeps you going through and about, what’s the purpose of living?  Are you happy?

Back to doc, i asked if i am well for work since fever and rashes subsided. So i took the chance to rest one more day! And i asked whats the cause, doc responded could be due to fever thus get Heat Rash. Then im like ok. But doc caution if got gum bleed, might be suspected for dengue fever, so monitor.  I did, it was very minor when im brushing, but yeah keep in check. Read few articles of hives rash and dengue reviews. Just to understand. :p

I am well again.

Its bloody hot in Singapore now.

Take care all. Drink water.





Malaysia Nature Resort

3 apr 2016

Went into msia via cw at JE to bukit indah.

Surprisingly time 5pm was not jam at 2nd link.

Met our fren SK, bought foodies drinks and off to SK resort. Thanks for the invite and hope he have a great business in future to come.

Place: Sinar Eco Adventure Retreat, Malaysia

Bbq first.. enjoy the night sky with vast stars.. spotted orion belt.. and had a walk around the farm .. Can say that once one animal make noise, the others follow suit. And whose the starter? xD

Theres quite a number of animals, doggies as well. So cute..

Memorable one is going up the new building rooftop.. Chatting, fren playing ukulele, drinking mixer, chill under the clouds and sky, hearing the nature sound. Like when will you ever get to experience it ya?

Aside from the construction and #afraidtofalldown hahah..

Some of my frens played the ATV, but its quite sandy.. chiong and chiong. However it looks fun..

I guess age wise, too late a night cause sleep debt badly. Keep dozing off the next morning.

Had breakfast, sang some ktv, play pool. Play ATV again, see 1 group went to kayak at the river behind. Get some suntan from the sunny sunday, seems darker abit. Overall, adventure and natureatitsbest.

Looking forward to the new activities that are heading its way to the resort.

#horseriding.. and many more…

Attendees; J grp poly

JocT JocS WJie JH Jo


Cheers to the IT team.


People and time

“It’s not the number of hours you put in, but what you put in the hours.” —Abraham Lincoln

Leap Year

Happy Leap year! 29 feb woohoo.


28feb went shopping with mum and virtually with bro n gege ..

my mum got me a necklace!

to mark my 26th.. (older liao )

Mix of white n yellow

butterfly and a circle. .

May i have enough strength to navigate through life. And may i have wings to fly around the globe!


And randomly gotten more legos with 2 of my brothers xD


26feb fusionoplis view fri night otw to gym. .


metro less 20% for members sale. end 28feb.



Lego hunting session…


purp bricks n halloween feel