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Bkk Traverrer Series 2016



Another traverrer trip.

Well without purps due to family matters, else it be zhong you ji first may bday celebration overseas.


Day 3 28 Apr

Walk vvv long..

The Mandarin Oriental is located on Oriental Avenue right on the Chao Phraya River. Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin and transfer to the free Mandarin Oriental shuttle boat from the Saphan Taksin pier. Smart casual attire is requested (no flip flops — wear that clean shirt, the one you’ve been saving).




Malaysia Nature Resort

3 apr 2016

Went into msia via cw at JE to bukit indah.

Surprisingly time 5pm was not jam at 2nd link.

Met our fren SK, bought foodies drinks and off to SK resort. Thanks for the invite and hope he have a great business in future to come.

Place: Sinar Eco Adventure Retreat, Malaysia

Bbq first.. enjoy the night sky with vast stars.. spotted orion belt.. and had a walk around the farm .. Can say that once one animal make noise, the others follow suit. And whose the starter? xD

Theres quite a number of animals, doggies as well. So cute..

Memorable one is going up the new building rooftop.. Chatting, fren playing ukulele, drinking mixer, chill under the clouds and sky, hearing the nature sound. Like when will you ever get to experience it ya?

Aside from the construction and #afraidtofalldown hahah..

Some of my frens played the ATV, but its quite sandy.. chiong and chiong. However it looks fun..

I guess age wise, too late a night cause sleep debt badly. Keep dozing off the next morning.

Had breakfast, sang some ktv, play pool. Play ATV again, see 1 group went to kayak at the river behind. Get some suntan from the sunny sunday, seems darker abit. Overall, adventure and natureatitsbest.

Looking forward to the new activities that are heading its way to the resort.

#horseriding.. and many more…

Attendees; J grp poly

JocT JocS WJie JH Jo


Cheers to the IT team.


Korea China 2015 / Its a cold December

Been there done that!

I could have said summarizing this trip.

It was a YOLO decision almost everyday.. Fast response was required, and later found some decisions reckless. But still we all had our fun.

Together with the Traverrers gang, we have said across to Korea and an unexpected China journey. Its was exciting to embark on this trip, despite many differences and views when comes to planning which hindered/delayed (as usual) our final decision. Haha still, looking back, we can called it an accomplishment with different personalities of good friends fighting our way through certain uncertainties encountered in this trip. Brave souls that managed to disembark China while worrying over a friend that got admitted to hospital the night before our flight. #horrifyingexp Ultimately, I want to thanks my buddies who we looked after one another during this eventful trip, and a GorGor taking care of us MeiMeis (Huey/Joc). #unexpectedtrios #traverrersftw

Let me start the story…

4th Dec Friday

It was an late night flight..

Quite rush, was busy packing all the winter clothes and gears for thr trip. Actually the total cost pre-purchased was an great amt. Might share the expenses if anyone asked.

Huey/Joc was at home, while GG was still in office. Hurried he left at 5pm ending all the enquiries and did last min packing. So Joc cab to pick GG and Huey to airport.. I think GG forgot to pack some stuffs into luggage..

We checkedin and ate dinner, wtf it was 9pm already, gate is closing. We run like mad to the gate, and the budget gate AirasiaGo dam far!

Boracay Beach Getaway!

Went to Boracay with my J’s group. 4 to 8 march 2015.

It’s been long since we last travelled to Vietnam in 2011/2?


2 water sports accomplishments!

Parasailing – its dizzy up in the sky and on the boat too. Still the view is magnificent. My buddy carabina hook was off and we were scared if it mishaps happen. Thank God.

Helmet diving/reef coral walking – amazing how the air pressure pumped into the helmet such that you can breathe and walk on the sea bed with just a helmet. Its fkin heavy, the weight. Feeding and looking at fishes passed by. Cool. I almost shocked myself when the water level rises in my helmet, but watching the video (free copy inclusive in the package) seems like other helmet looks fine and everyone was super happy.

Day 1 – 4 Mar 2015

Arrival to Kalibo International Airport. Was quite amaze that you will touch down and exit directly at the runway. Guess the airport is very small, rural, and technically not advanced. So well, another experience. Walk through the runway and into the non-aircon airport, with long queue of people waiting. Even the baggage collection is manually handled by their staff passing. (You know like those race collection, baggage point)

Next went to look for transport to the boat station. The process is quite long. Before that bought a Data Sim Card.

Gonna be there for 5 Days, so got the 7 day package for ₱299. (P.S. Tethering is slow too,

Shall continue next time

Bangkok 2015 w Happyzoo

Love mia friends,

Happyzoo. It’s a yearly tradition to book a year end chalet (local-sg stay) since secondary school days which evolved to traveling overseas (booking of hotel room oversees stay).

The first trip overseas was to Phuket (Thailand), 7 to 9 Jan 2013.

The second trip overseas is to Bangkok (Thailand), 16 to 18 Jan 2015.

Day 1 16/1:

The day before, met up bf, dinner, was rushing some work/info, slept at 2am instead.. tired max

Set alarm at 4am Woke up at 430am..

Left house around 515am, hopped on taxi, picked PK up, and reached changi airport about 6am. Total 3 girls (inc. me) and 3 guys off to BKK. 😀 Ate Burger king for breakfast 🙂

Haha, the only thing funny, was operation sacrifice lambs. /*Hopped in the cab first, in case the taxi drive off without warning and the person is gone forever….*/

The flight time from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand is: 2 hours, 16 minutes

8am was the flight, thai airways. Inflight breakfast, nice. Watched Lucy halfway. Maybe 9am reached in Thailand hours, reached BKK. 🙂 1 hour slower than SG.

Gotten data sim card for all of us and headed to our hotel. The jam was bad as usual, however we were ahead of our itinerary. Not bad, Diamond Suites Hotel. Would go back again.

Lunch @ SabX2 Wanton Noodle, cool uncle frying. Small portion, long queue.

Shop @ The Platinum Fashion Mall, clothes loots many!

Shop @ Big C Supermarket, food loot loot. SY recommended a thai tea bag. Seaweed.

Unload again.

Took MRT. Dinner at Sukhumvit Soi 38

Tried Thai-style Wanton Noodle, the famous Mango Sticky Rice, Skewered BBQ Meat. Sat down and immediately 4 vendors spread their menu on our table to get us buy their stuff. Ordered more food.

Back to hotel after that.

Day 2 17/1

9am: Went Chatuchak to shop!! Supposed to alight at Gate 1, instead Tutu dropped us all at Gate 3. Haha went finding each other in the midst of mis-communication, side tracked and epic story.

Found the famous pork chop bun! 🙂 Following with pad thai, yummy tom yum soup, fried quail eggs, then coconut ice cream. Hehe.

Shopped till 3pm and skipped lunch. Didnt felt hungry.. While the guys commented they ate a lot. Different objectives i guess. :p

3pm: Skipped destination to Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). Too jam, taxi doesnt want to drive us at all. Managed to get one driver to get us to Chinatown instead, he avoided the main expressway, and got stuck at one jam. He asked us to alight in the middle of the road to walk Chinatown (est. 5min walk) rather than get jammed. We were reluctant, but adhered in the end.

Went to Chinatown, T&K Seafood. Ordered Grilled Tiger Prawns, Tom Yum Goong, Omelette, Steamed Fish and Fried Prawn Cakes. Epic friend saw cockroach, and got chilled while the guys tried to eliminate if they see any. One did fell onto the omelette, but the guys just dont care and continue eat the food without bother.

Spam! Bought pork floss stick at Lin Zhen Xiang (with pig mascot), Yaowarat Road

Back to hotel to rest our tired legs… Snoozee

Day 3 18/1

Free and easy day.

9am: Morning went to eat Chicken Rice at Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice. Recommended for their chicken rice, would say that chicken soso, rice like hainanese rice not bad. The chinese iced tea, really tasted like water.

Ate a very xiang but oily prata, saw the amount of condensed milk and sugar the seller pour on it to other buyers, we immediately rejected the toppings for ours.

Went back Big C supermarket to grab last min snacks (regretted not buying more seaweed Tao Kae Noi, unable to give out to ppl), then went Central World to get Naraya (SW bag for his mum :P, real one this time). Epic SW kena scam by couz to buy a “fake” Naraya bag at Pratunam., Long story.

12pm: Checked out and later, we split up. Went to Platinum mall for last min shopping while the guys went to look for a recommended The Best Of The Boat Noodle and the guys ate one best burger of their life at some mobile truck. Haha.

As usual for ladies, more shopping and loots! We ate stone cold ice cream, i ordered apple crumble flavour, YN cookie dough, PK peanut butter choc *sinful!, but yummy!

430pm: Went back hotel, off to airport, last min packs and back to reality =/ Bought apple cider tax free at Changi.

Wish that holidays always last longer, but when reached back to SG, its time for work. Haha.

Signing off….

Time now: 20/1/2015 1.05am

Can you imagine, its 31 C degrees now in SG and also in BKK. But BKK due to less humidity, it feels dam cooling, like in genting. (Y)