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Friend or foe?

rdm: ooo awaiting for pokemom go to come sg!

Been a week of roller coaster ya?

Hearing sad news from 2 of my friends..

And subtly 2 good news..


but all of this means sooner or later distance. distance which hope friendship still remains, perhaps better for some..

Cleaned up my room abit, getting rid of stuff and deciding if it should go for salvation army. xD

Took out my old iPod and it played quite old songs few years back. Nostalgic memories.

Yui song 🙂 sweet voice of hers (crazy and rooted fan of godbro who dump all her songs when borrowed my iPod)

Dedication to all the unknown life factors and friends out there.

Cheer on! v (^^)


Lyrics: YUI Music: COZZi

Sumi nareta kono heya wo

Dete yuku hi ga kita

Atarashii tabidachi ni mada tomadotteru


Eki made mukau BASU no naka

Tomodachi ni MEERU shita


Asa no HOOMU de denwa mo shitemita

Demo nanka chigau ki ga shita


Furui GITAA wo hitotsu motte kita

Shashin wa zenbu oitekita


Nanika wo tebanashite soshite te ni ireru

Sonna kurikaeshi ka na?


Tsuyogari wa itsudatte yume ni tsuduiteru

Okubyou ni nattara soko de togireru yo


Hashiri dashita densha no naka

Sukoshi dake naketekita


Mado no soto ni tsuduiteru kono machi wa

Kawara nai de to negatta


Furui GITAA wo atashi ni kureta hito

Toukyou wa kowaitte itte ta


Kotae wo sagasu no wa mou yameta

Machigai darakede ii


Akai yuuyake ga BIRU ni togireta

Namida wo koraetemo


Tsugi no asa ga yattekuru tabigoto ni

Mayou koto datte aru yo ne?


Tadashii koto bakari erabe nai

Sore kurai wakatteru



Today I have to leave this old room of mine.
I’m still unsure about this new journey.

On the bus ride to the train station,
I text-messaged my friends.

At the station I tried calling someone,
But something felt different about it all.
All I brought with me was an old guitar,
Leaving the rest of my old life behind.

I take something and I get something,
I ponder that cycle in my heart.

I always try to hide my fears in my dreams.
When get afraid, I can’t seem to do anything.

I got on the train, it rushed away,
And I slowly started to cry.

Life in my town continued on outside.
I prayed that it’d never change.
The man who gave me my old guitar
Told me Tokyo is a scary place.

I’ve stopped looking for all the answers.
It’s okay to have some flaws.

Those grey skyscrapers blocked the setting sun.
Even if I endure these tears today,
Won’t tomorrow’s cold morning hold more doubt?

I can’t choose the right thing,
At least I know that much.





the 80/20 rule for evrything. .

be it r/s, skills, work

quote from a comment:

there will always be give and take in a relationship. Just because you have to give a small percentage when you really want to take doesn’t mean you should step away from all that you are given. Step back and look at everything you have and be thankful for it. If you are not getting what you need then maybe re-evaluate and communicate with your significant other. You will never find someone that is 100% perfect.

A couple that truly loves each other will want to make the other person happy. So if that is the case, water your grass and fertilize it. You will have a lush green grass that others will want to mimic.

Healthy and functional

Honesty, communication, 80/20, separation, Respect and love for the self, for their partner and for the relationship.




#foodforthought #article

Full Moon Christmas

Taken from:

Prediction For 2016: Your 5 Life Challenges

As the Moon grows full, so does our responsibility to listen to our inner wisdom.

There are many things that we wish for, hope for and have dreamed about.



So what will you be in 2016? What to prep for? What resolutions? Slowly exploring for myself, learning each step as I take, being a better person (hopefully) and less ignorant about the gigantic world.. feeling of a life purpose on earth and ultimately contributing back to the society will the final step..

#readtuesdayswithmorrie #life #insightful why do we mourn and share abt our heartfelt experiences only when a person is dead? Why not appreciate the living?

This is one book that I will remember, but unable to preach.. #jocisnotyetindependent praying for wisdom.. #joke/Looking at more white hair growing :p

#betterbehavethischristmas I think I still haven live fully, and grow up crazily..

Quote The Nights Avicii

“Hey, when face to face with all our fears. Learned our lessons through the tears. Made memories we knew would never fade.

One day you will leave this place behind. So live a life you will remember.”

Move along

Get up and go.
Take a chance and be strong,
Or you could spend your whole life holding on,
Don’t look back just go.
Take a breath move along,
Or you could spend your whole life holding on,
You could spend your whole life holding on.


No looking back. 🙂

Start anew

Yeep, searching..

What do u want to do?


Strange World

Strange.. Strange people we all will meet..

People who can be close and not close to us..

PS: Why strange world.. Can we dont exist?

A different dimensional world.. Wonder how so..

There is restructuring, people leaving for the better.

The rest are all out there to fight a neverending battle.

Will there be a better change or for the worst? No one knows.

Past year has been a bad one, it looks fogy ahead already.

PS: No one understands your rationale. No matter how challenging, it is still not worth somehow.

There are better pastures where un-limitless journey.. People around do not have energy anymore..

Time, what if..

Could we turn back to avoid? Or move forward, to see whats ahead?

Does it matter?

Ok… Kk. K.