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the 80/20 rule for evrything. .

be it r/s, skills, work

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there will always be give and take in a relationship. Just because you have to give a small percentage when you really want to take doesn’t mean you should step away from all that you are given. Step back and look at everything you have and be thankful for it. If you are not getting what you need then maybe re-evaluate and communicate with your significant other. You will never find someone that is 100% perfect.

A couple that truly loves each other will want to make the other person happy. So if that is the case, water your grass and fertilize it. You will have a lush green grass that others will want to mimic.

Healthy and functional

Honesty, communication, 80/20, separation, Respect and love for the self, for their partner and for the relationship.




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Non attachment

good read.

Non attachment. to let go.


So often, we hold on to the things and people in our lives that no longer enrich us. We cling to our difficult situations as if there are no other choices before us. We give up our power to create the lives we want to live by blaming circumstances of life, twists of fate, others, anything at all to avoid taking back our own responsibility. I have found that we often have choices, even if we don’t like them.

When we let go of what’s not for us, I truly believe that the things and people that are meant to be in our lives will be able to arrive. By letting go, we create space for good things to enter.


I think its similar to when you leave this world, you cant bring materialistic things along. Just enjoy the present and appreciate people around.

People and time

“It’s not the number of hours you put in, but what you put in the hours.” —Abraham Lincoln

Full Moon Christmas

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Prediction For 2016: Your 5 Life Challenges

As the Moon grows full, so does our responsibility to listen to our inner wisdom.

There are many things that we wish for, hope for and have dreamed about.



So what will you be in 2016? What to prep for? What resolutions? Slowly exploring for myself, learning each step as I take, being a better person (hopefully) and less ignorant about the gigantic world.. feeling of a life purpose on earth and ultimately contributing back to the society will the final step..

#readtuesdayswithmorrie #life #insightful why do we mourn and share abt our heartfelt experiences only when a person is dead? Why not appreciate the living?

This is one book that I will remember, but unable to preach.. #jocisnotyetindependent praying for wisdom.. #joke/Looking at more white hair growing :p

#betterbehavethischristmas I think I still haven live fully, and grow up crazily..

Quote The Nights Avicii

“Hey, when face to face with all our fears. Learned our lessons through the tears. Made memories we knew would never fade.

One day you will leave this place behind. So live a life you will remember.”

Fit negative with positivity

When you feel like everything is negative. .

Felt like many a times..

Read these quotes to get by..




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 A Japanese brain researcher has found that there is a zone in our brain that makes us feel motivated to do something.
“The only way to activate this brain zone is to give it some stimulus…meaning, even if you don’t feel like doing something, you need to start doing it. Once you begin doing it, it will be stimulated, and will start to go into self-excitation mode – which will heighten your concentration and motivation.”
source: Hiroki Niizato’s blog
Something that I need now to walk through this project period, as usual. The cycle never ends.
Kinda lost it “de burning midnight oil daily” when one of the seniors left. Though sth unexpectedly happened, but it may not be activated like it used to. The pressing for time feeling. Super nuaz.
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Not bad.
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