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Bangkok Friend Wedding

I will be going to Bangkok for a Uni Friend wedding as bridesmaid.

Excited since it will be my first time. #PNP #Love

Much to their culture, its food, massage and shopping time!

Of course, interested to visit the husky cafe as well. Cool!


Here are some recommendations of hotel, referred by my friends/colleagues who went to BKK.

VIE Hotel Bangkok, MGallery by Sofitel – near Ratchathewi and siam station

Le Tada Residence (boutique) –

Glow Pratunam – and i will be staying here instead!


Random songs


pardon my previous post, too shitty @ work. XD #rant for a while.

everyone seems to be guarding up against this person, and i will have to work with the person for a while, overseas… more chatting sessions “yay”.

Looking for flights to KL again.. this time for 1 week.. #2ndworktrip #3rdtimetoKL

Heard this song on SG Kiss #92FM, they play nice songs on certain hours. dam shiok.


Saw a news, quite tragic.


What if your boss told u he knows about ur ex coy and there’s conflict of interest thus due to professionalism, letting u know it Now?

It’s been half a year, dude.

Ain’t it weird, just becos someone keep asking about stuff relating u n u can’t shun off your other mgrs qtns else like u are unfriendly. n get treated like that.. super artificial and not proper handling.






You make decisions together wisely.

Quoted below.

That is to say, Runkel doesn’t need his wife — and his wife doesn’t need him — to be a fully functioning person. When he hears people tell couples, “You are supposed to meet another’s needs,” he said, “that is the most horrific piece of advice I can imagine.”

Instead, Runkel said, you should want your partner, and vice versa.

It might sound like semantics — but this mental reframing allows you to take a much more reasonable approach to any romantic relationship.

It means, Runkel said, that you always need to be working on yourself — first to make sure you’re a happy and healthy individual, and second to make sure you’re a desirable partner.

“When was the last time you actually respected a needy person, much less found them attractive?” Runkel said.

What’s more, Runkel said, there will be times when you and your partner can’t fully meet each other’s needs. If one of you gets sick, for example, the other can only do their best at being caring and supportive.

Why are you Here for? Zzz…

Who wants to go New Zealand with me during August?

Bored / Stocks

Bored lately..

Not sure what to do to get out of boredom.

Recently bought fidget spinner in hoping to kick the fidgetness. HA.


Anyway, met up with a primary school bestie recently. She mentioned she has just started trading.

So I re-looked at some sites in case I am interested to learn. The only take away for the meetup is support and resistance based on the charts. But so far I could not find any good android apps. Her iphone app shows the 2 differences. Finance is always what I am weak in, haha.


Self stress – job

Passed my probation. Round 1 presentation to managers stress was over.

Now Stressed at work.

Was expected to be involved in 2 POC sales demo.

Huge expectation i will say. Hope i will survived.

Thinking of starting something new on a side note. It will take time. Just spacing out and watching a new favorite k drama,

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Its so fun the main 2 leads. The lady clique is also quite gum and epic. Tekboleh tahan.

7 language/dialect as singlish for us singaporeans. #zai epic sentence. #onlysg


Fav quote for self reminder (saw on forbes long ago)

“To me, courage is seeking out the broadest environment that you can influence.” Quote of the Day; Denise Karkos.

Spicy Cheese Donut

My love for cheese.


Started out when the craze for Donut Factory was back then in 2007.

Love the Spicy Cheese Donut!!


Wonder what spices and ingredients they used, else I wont mind re-making this great product to satisfy own craving.

Ever time, I will try to stop by a stall, in order to grab and go one of this. Till they discontinued it.

Haiyo, missing it. For the sake of memories 🙂

Ha, found another country has some delish pastry too!


Countdown in hk

Hi ya!

There is a hype at changi airport, with pokemons.
Thus i managed to find 1 snorlax in T2 to selfie with. Keke.

31/12/2016 day 1
Nye walk around in hk, but the new fireworks was disappointing as there are too many ppl in the streets and we were stuck at the wrong areas with short buildings blocked. 10mins.

Haha jus absorb the atmosphere and countdown and squeeze with crowds hur!

Ate a super cheesy noodle with pork at TST. Super chewy nice!! Jus spam the alacarte meat. Yums.

1/1/2017 day 2
Henessey road,
Am queuing for the Kam’s roast goose.
About 1 hour, since 12pm.
Met a hk friendly gonggong waiting for his grandson who study law in London. He know alot of hk n sg ppl there too.
They shared the story that the papa who own the 1st shop pass down to the 2 sons but they fought.
Original stall was taken over 2nd son. This kam’s is by the 1st son and he managed to get 1 michelin star.
Lol good to mingle around yeah. 🙂

Facial regime

Just bought body shop stuff on 9th.11.

And joined as member.

This i feel is quite worth, bundle of Drops of youth concentrate and moisturizer at $80 instead of usual $60ish each. And gotten toner at $20 less 20% discount wee!

Pro; the serum is Quickly absorbed and non-sticky, skin appears smoother, fresher and feels more supple. Pores look tightened and fine lines appear smoothed. Skin has a more healthy luminosity. promote skin cell renewal!

Oh wells to fight the pimple scarring since 3 years ago when i started working and not caring for face, body and health. And recently it got worst .


So i have started to read and uds what are the steps and what the differences between each facial product.

Here are some links .

P.S. all my products are not from same range so.. is super mix. using same range i heard is more effective as the products complements each other. and also keep 2 ranges interchangeably else they wont be effective if you keep using the same for long as ur skin gets used to it and it becomes not useful.

Using currently;

– Gentle cleansing milk / Loreal (very rare unless using makeup xD)

– Chia seed foam / face shop

– Pore care clay / ettusais (occasionally)

– Seaweed oil balance toner / body shop *new

– Shirojyun toner lotion / jp hada labo (like essence after toner)

– Drops of youth concentrate / body shop *new as ampoule

– Green tea seed serum / kr innisfree

– Mcgirly Eye activator / kr toocoolforschool (occasionally)

– moisurizer! Water bank gel cream / dfs laneige (dfs cheaper! or drops of youth cream *new yet to open)

– Eyelash tonic / jp DHC (occasionally)

– Teatree oil / body shop (always used to treat the bad pimples. Dry and kills bacterial, also can apply on mosquito bites)

*innisfree mask/sunblock/dr.jart+makeup as addon

Mainly gotten from Japan in Aug and Korea during Dec 2015 when i found this good to have products..

That’s all for what i found out while researching… no ugly girl only lazy girl /but yeah the korean regime is madness

Compliments of Balance

“What is joy without sorrow? what is success without failure? what is a win without a loss? what is health without illness? you have to experience each if you are to appreciate the other. there is …

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