To New Zealand with Love

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Glad that we managed to head out to New Zealand for road trip despite so many odds prior to this road trip.

We tried to search for a cheaper flight without doing much research about the kiwi country (this is really a bad flight planning. Lol. Wasted time here and there.)

Travelled from 30th July to 12th August 2017

1) Airasia X – International

  • SG TO KUL Kuala Lumpur 1 hour
  • KUL TO OOL Gold Coast 8 hours
  • OOL TO AKL Auckland 3 hours

If you take direct flights its about 10 hours odd flight.

2) Jetstar – Domestic

2nd August 6.05pm

  • AKL TO CHC 1.5 hours

10th August 8.00pm delayed till 9.00pm


Here are some issues encountered:

– Flooding in Chc mostly in South island where we will be going too

– contacted airasia if there is any flight changes possible as we don’t want unnecessary trouble if there really is a bad flood which will ruin the travelling, car and luggage issues etc. But they say the flight is fixed, only can change the travel dates and we have to pay for the flight reschedule fee.

– contacted travel insurance if we can reroute our flights and claim back for NZ. But as there is no issuance from NZ that no one can go in and out of country they only can appeal for our case. Since during April 2017 there is a bad flooding in NZ, a friend managed to reschedule to Korea, but we found out is because New Zealand Air issued a flight cancellation email as well so he can file a successful refund. We checked for flights to Japan for cost and provided the details to Great Eastern Insurance. At least they understand our concerns and helped.

It’s tough planning for a road trip, but it’s fun going on unplan route and encounter much more interesting route on the way as well. Plan the next day destination the night before and book the Airbnb as well. Lucky us, NZ kiwis reply quite fast. My colleague did with no itinerary and hit the motels wherever her family drove too. #thuglife #daring

Went to an old couple house Airbnb stay @ Wanaka and they asked if we have time to walk around or following strictly to an itinerary. We said no plans yet, and no itinerary, the wife say good, that should be the way. I guess adventure and road trip is what we have experience along the way with so many uncertain and rescheduling of events, accommodating to your partner and many fun stuff done. Cool ain’t it. Super fun.

Be sure to grab brochures and AA traveller magazine when you hit NZ i-Site @airport or any town. There are coupon discount codes for visitors. Even on the NZ tourism website. We only found this out during our last 2 days in Auckland. We had a GoRental discount card but didn’t used it. Much wasted.


Go to See&Do > Attractions

Attractions (recommended) Auckland:

Kelly Tarlton SEA LIFE aquarium (good experience! Very cute Penguins)

Stardome (gotten student discount for this :p) – saw the 8pm winter night sky show for this. Didn’t managed to see the courtyard telescope due to clouds.

Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari (our tour got cancelled via 9am email from them due to rough sea. #sadded booked a 12.30pm to 4.30pm tour but it was said might end at 5pm)

Amazing marine wildlife within Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.


New Zealand’s largest transport and technology museum.

Auckland Zoo (heard you can spend half to a day here. Prolly see kiwi. )

Reached Auckland at about 5.30pm and went to collect the rental car.

29th July

Finished packing within 2 days. With a packing checklist, still can last min remember stuff still need to pack in. Gosh.. #notetoself do not need to bring so many things!! End up mostly not used during the road trip.

Flew at night.

30th July

Transit at KL and Gold Coast.

Reached Auckland about 4pm, took alot of brochures but never flip through (rmb to check for discounts!)

Called up Gorental at free phone in airport. Get picked up to collect car. They don’t check much on scratches but major injuries. Then off we go to eat snacks, bought sushi and went to Countdown to have a look. Bought some simple stash for tomorrow’s breakfast (waffle bread, ham, eggs).

Head out to Airbnb for a night, the elderly was super nice! She has a pet cat and bird. It’s our 1st road trip,1st time in NZ. And its memorable. She has grown up in this house, true blue kiwi! (Yes quite rare nowadays) And she had another airbnb guests couple from France but staying in NZ for remote working for 1 year. She talked about all her neighbours around are all from different country and she remembers where. Gosh!

Took out her house key and went to CBD downtown for dinner.

It was very cold outside so I wore out scarf and gloves.

Went to eat steak and oysters! 1st normal oyster is so tasty! Yummy.

4th Aug 17

So loved The Paca Shack. Price: $20 nzd

Didn’t booked a tour but head there at 2pm and heard they only have farm tours at 1pm and 3pm. But since that day they didn’t have tours at 1pm, they let us in for a tour unscheduled instead. #supercute and furry Alpacas and Llamas! The fringe is what kept them cute! So we toured in the boys and girls section. The lady shared the differences and only the 1st trimmed of fibre (the wool collected) is the softest from the babies. After that they trim their wool again in summer so that they are cooled. They are used to carry heavy loads while travelling. There are only a few Llama and they are bigger and taller in size. The baby girl Alpaca is cute with a shirt on to keep her warm in winter. When touching their wool it’s super warm which traps heat! So fluffy.

This group is all boys.. The smaller ones are alpaca and fur is softer.. think only got 2 llama boys which 1 is called axelle.

This are the girls. The dark brown girl is the fluffiest so far as she haven get trim yet.

And we went to see the sheeps section as well. There is one black sheep which gave birth to 2 lambs the night before and we are so lucky to see them! The sheep especially Shirley will use her legs to kick us to beg for treats. Naughty naughty. Their wool are not that nice and are not sold in their farm. They only trim them when it gets long.

The lady is also a part time fibre spinner cum tour guider in the farm. She has about 4 Alpaca back at her house. The fibre they spin is sold at about $27.50 nzd and they have those without dyes and with dyes. Purely from their farm animals.

5 aug
😂 i dipped my samsung s8+ into Lake Alexandrina

Went to fly at Wanaka. LearnToFly

You can fly a small plane (Cherokee Piper) with a co-pilot without an experience and bring a friend for free! Price: $199 only for 30mins (so much cheaper than other flying experience researched online. )

My partner flew the plane with our instructor Jordon. The bird eye view on top is superb and amazing! I sat the the back of the plane (2 pilot seat in the front and 2 passenger seats at the back.) The only thrill was the jerk when started flying and the plane jerk like you took a roller coaster. And when the instructor took the wheels while we took photos of the views and he turn very left and very right such that we can see the lakes. Haha! Bought some pins, a cute pilot bear with goggles, leather jacket and a cap. My partner got so excited that he enquired on private pilot license (PPL) to learn flying. It seems like it’s more economical to learn flying in Perth ($200+) than in Melbourne ($300+) / Sydney ($400+) or NZ with the air tickets from SG. Though the courses are cheaper in NZ. As of August 2017.

Went to a husky farm also.. hehe didn’t managed to hitch a dog sled ride as we missed the timing in the morning to let the dogs run in the colder timing.. #therealdogsnz


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