Countdown in hk

Hi ya!

There is a hype at changi airport, with pokemons.
Thus i managed to find 1 snorlax in T2 to selfie with. Keke.

31/12/2016 day 1
Nye walk around in hk, but the new fireworks was disappointing as there are too many ppl in the streets and we were stuck at the wrong areas with short buildings blocked. 10mins.

Haha jus absorb the atmosphere and countdown and squeeze with crowds hur!

Ate a super cheesy noodle with pork at TST. Super chewy nice!! Jus spam the alacarte meat. Yums.

1/1/2017 day 2
Henessey road,
Am queuing for the Kam’s roast goose.
About 1 hour, since 12pm.
Met a hk friendly gonggong waiting for his grandson who study law in London. He know alot of hk n sg ppl there too.
They shared the story that the papa who own the 1st shop pass down to the 2 sons but they fought.
Original stall was taken over 2nd son. This kam’s is by the 1st son and he managed to get 1 michelin star.
Lol good to mingle around yeah. 🙂


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