Facial regime

Just bought body shop stuff on 9th.11.

And joined as member.

This i feel is quite worth, bundle of Drops of youth concentrate and moisturizer at $80 instead of usual $60ish each. And gotten toner at $20 less 20% discount wee!

Pro; the serum is Quickly absorbed and non-sticky, skin appears smoother, fresher and feels more supple. Pores look tightened and fine lines appear smoothed. Skin has a more healthy luminosity. promote skin cell renewal!

Oh wells to fight the pimple scarring since 3 years ago when i started working and not caring for face, body and health. And recently it got worst .


So i have started to read and uds what are the steps and what the differences between each facial product.

Here are some links .

P.S. all my products are not from same range so.. is super mix. using same range i heard is more effective as the products complements each other. and also keep 2 ranges interchangeably else they wont be effective if you keep using the same for long as ur skin gets used to it and it becomes not useful.






Using currently;

– Gentle cleansing milk / Loreal (very rare unless using makeup xD)

– Chia seed foam / face shop

– Pore care clay / ettusais (occasionally)

– Seaweed oil balance toner / body shop *new

– Shirojyun toner lotion / jp hada labo (like essence after toner)

– Drops of youth concentrate / body shop *new as ampoule

– Green tea seed serum / kr innisfree

– Mcgirly Eye activator / kr toocoolforschool (occasionally)

– moisurizer! Water bank gel cream / dfs laneige (dfs cheaper! or drops of youth cream *new yet to open)

– Eyelash tonic / jp DHC (occasionally)

– Teatree oil / body shop (always used to treat the bad pimples. Dry and kills bacterial, also can apply on mosquito bites)

*innisfree mask/sunblock/dr.jart+makeup as addon

Mainly gotten from Japan in Aug and Korea during Dec 2015 when i found this good to have products..

That’s all for what i found out while researching… no ugly girl only lazy girl /but yeah the korean regime is madness


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