Life Journey

Its coming to end of year soon.


My resolution for this year – to learn Ukulele did not realised.

As i only bought the ukulele right during New Year 2016, but did not really learn any songs or memorize the chords.

In this year, i have gone through a lot and also encountered many changes. Such that I am planning a few new stuff as well. Hope that all izz well and they will be successful by 2017!

Yipee. It sounds like a dream. But i hope to travel more often touching different parts of the earth. Learning new things, making new friends in the coming year and beyond. It is like visualing a Sensible Peak, but an enormous one.

Will still try to apply the Peak and Valley method, so that i can deal with a Valley more positively.

I am so glad that I will be attending a Global Workshop this thursday where i will get to meet so many people. Also invited for a networking dinner at night by another friend.

Friends. They are the ones who will sail through with you though you may have just met them, known them, or too cooked, but they trust you.

This past months have been eventful. It was rocky and new experiences which i have never done before. Thus i hope, i will have the energy to sail through the future.

Thanks for the special someone who believe in me, encouraging me when im down and up, being a partner in crime. At least I am still me at the end of the day. Glad that I have you.


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