To be Happy despite all odds.

At the end of the day, I am thankful that my blessings are bigger than my problems.


Been reading a book passed to me from Kim, finishing it up. A great read indeed.

Peaks and Valleys by  Spencer johnson md


A great way to get to your next peak is to follow your sensible vision.
Imagine yourself enjoying your better future in such specific, belivable detail that you soon enjoy doing what takes you there!

The pain in a Valley can wake you up to a truth you have been ignoring.
Truth young man found, my valley is fear. Where he made fearful vision.

Avoid believing things are better than they really are when you are on a peak, or worse than they really are when you are in a Valley.
Make reality your friend.

A personal peak is a triumph over fear.

The purpose of the peak is to celebrate life and purpose of the valley is to learn about life.

What is the truth in this situation? How can we use the good that’s hidden in this bad time?
So where is the hidden good in this bad time that we can use to our advantage?






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