Had MC for the past 3 days.

1st round fever,  pop one pana and slp.

Next moment high fever and rashes.

Doctor advise drink more water, viral infections etc have same symptoms.

Then just rest. Fever up and down. Drink many many cold water (put in fridge) and like place the chilly water bottle to my skin. Sweat due to the hot weather. Cannot wrap layers and sleep without blanky.

2nd day subsided.

In that course,  watched Warm Bodies and Once Upon a time series!

Day 3, went to see doc again for diagnosis and if I better. So yea woke up early, like 7am. 730 made my way downstairs. It struck me. Looking around everyone is gloomy (or at least not smiling) preparing to go off 1st destination – mama to bring kid to sch, student to sch, OL and well dress adults.

Life… whats life suppose to be? Why are we waking up and going to work just to get paid. Is there passion in what you do, just for salary or for professionalism which u acquire?

Is there more to life?


Also had Watched S1 1st ep of The Elementary, super nice realised i stopped at season 2.

Shelock holmes noticed and told his assistant on his guess about her previous job. No body put 2 alarm clocks to wake up, it means you dread going to work. #truestory. But i saw ur eyes when you are interested in my line of work, you can be an investigator. 🙂  <something along those lines, interesting ya..>

So what’s your passion? What keeps you going through and about, what’s the purpose of living?  Are you happy?

Back to doc, i asked if i am well for work since fever and rashes subsided. So i took the chance to rest one more day! And i asked whats the cause, doc responded could be due to fever thus get Heat Rash. Then im like ok. But doc caution if got gum bleed, might be suspected for dengue fever, so monitor.  I did, it was very minor when im brushing, but yeah keep in check. Read few articles of hives rash and dengue reviews. Just to understand. :p

I am well again.

Its bloody hot in Singapore now.

Take care all. Drink water.






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