Malaysia Nature Resort

3 apr 2016

Went into msia via cw at JE to bukit indah.

Surprisingly time 5pm was not jam at 2nd link.

Met our fren SK, bought foodies drinks and off to SK resort. Thanks for the invite and hope he have a great business in future to come.

Place: Sinar Eco Adventure Retreat, Malaysia

Bbq first.. enjoy the night sky with vast stars.. spotted orion belt.. and had a walk around the farm .. Can say that once one animal make noise, the others follow suit. And whose the starter? xD

Theres quite a number of animals, doggies as well. So cute..

Memorable one is going up the new building rooftop.. Chatting, fren playing ukulele, drinking mixer, chill under the clouds and sky, hearing the nature sound. Like when will you ever get to experience it ya?

Aside from the construction and #afraidtofalldown hahah..

Some of my frens played the ATV, but its quite sandy.. chiong and chiong. However it looks fun..

I guess age wise, too late a night cause sleep debt badly. Keep dozing off the next morning.

Had breakfast, sang some ktv, play pool. Play ATV again, see 1 group went to kayak at the river behind. Get some suntan from the sunny sunday, seems darker abit. Overall, adventure and natureatitsbest.

Looking forward to the new activities that are heading its way to the resort.

#horseriding.. and many more…

Attendees; J grp poly

JocT JocS WJie JH Jo


Cheers to the IT team.



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