it’s end of January already. one month has passed. fast ain’t it.

came across this article. to let it go. .

8 Things To Let Go Of Before 2015 Ends

1. Let go of your comfort zone.

2. Let go of everyone’s opinion of your life.

3. Let go of youropinion of everyone’s life.

4. Let go of your infatuation with waiting.

5. Let go of your tendency to favor being cool, over being connected.

6. Let go of a love that wont love you back.

7. Let go of what you tolerate.

8. Let go of the idea that it’s too late.


23 Underrated Things That We Should Always Make Time For In Life

9. Traveling to new places.
It reminds you that there’s a whole world that exists outside of your ‘bubble’ – and it puts your problems into perspective.

10. Giving other people the explanations they deserve.



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