All my life I’ve been buying time.. How much time have I bought? How much time do I left?
Am I going to fully utilize it or waste it away?


I think im not able to save up momentarily… But that doesnt mean I might not reach my resolution by end of the year. Anything is possible.

Am I’m going to make very reckless decisions? #YOLO I’m racing against time… Once decided no turning back..

How I hope directions are clear enough to make informed choices instead of being uncertain and weighing pros and cons. Whichever it is, never regret. Just taking a longer walk then others… Thats why people tells me.


Had talks with people recently. I am glad I have timely advices for certain stuffs, looking at things differently and reenforcing my own thoughts.

Had a family gathering of 5 families ytd 23/1.

My uncle did approached me once asking if I’m interested in taking up counselling e.g. Convicts. It was his past job in the prison. Apparently, yesterday I was sharing with him how a Psychology friend of mine know of his name in NPoly as there are interns currently at her workplace. So it was an interesting talk.




Always questioning about this…

True calling. Purpose in life.


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