New Year, new resolution..


Annyeung, helloss.. Some updates.

Went to Christmas Wonderland on 30/12/2015’to catch the last lights of the crown. The other events had already stopped e.g. Fake snow , carousel.

But nonetheless am impressed of my GoPro taken night shots n company spent.


Impromptu book a apartment at KSL and countdown with a few friends. Was amazed by the fireworks lighted at our surroundings that night. Was considering a friend’s resort, but was quite inaccessible to travel out of it, thus main ideal is still managing to see actual fireworks far away. Not bad choice, KSL. After 10mins or so, suddenly there was a later ppl where there was a better off family which directly below our hotel started to display a few rounds of short fireworks, which was like wow and we viewed it from top down. Cool. Something new experience.

Nice buy for 2016! Bought a ukulele in JB KSL at $269 rm. Dark Brown wood, on the left of the featured image. Hope to utilize it as much! 🙂 #thingstolearn #worthit



Random thoughts…

There was a bad end off of 2015 with a few friends somehow. I hope that with 2015 ending, we are able to move on and look ahead. If I did have any disagreement with anyone, hope that it may be resolved. I think I am a hard person to deal with sometimes with my stubbornness as well. But everyone has their take to each matter. Have to talk it out..

Seeking freedom and independence is what a Zodiac Horse will like. Am sorry that I dont like boundaries or ideals being imparted, but am willing to know that there is a different pov. Utimately, having a few opinions but keep opinions open will be better, than diehard choice. Rather have a debate on the diff than quarrel ya? Lol its a learning process, people.


Good read to start 2016.’Thanks Reddit.

Like some quotes of it. #ifeelyou #selfnotes #reminder

“The human body is amazing.” Yep, positively rather than complaint ! Diff pov.
“Someone then responded with a comment along the lines of ‘You’re looking at it the wrong way. The human body is such an efficient machine that it only takes one M&Ms worth of power to fuel it running across a football field.'”

“Be afraid! And then do it anyway!” I hope I can do it!

“Everybody is looking for the right person, and nobody is trying to be the right person.” True dat, great pov.

“If you think you know something, find someone who disagrees and listen to them.” Great mind triggering thoughts, think out of the box! Diff pov.

“Not everything is a catastrophe.” #remindertoself


I would like thank all my friends who are around and about that I have known till now, 1st Jan 2016.

Thanks for being part of my life, thanks for the moments that we spent be it good or bad, thanks for the crap and epicness, thanks for lending a listening ear, thanks for the fun, thanks for being a friend.

Hope 2016 will be a better year for everyone!

I have made a few resolutions as well, hope to make progress with it.

#Learn ukulele. Being a musically inclined person, I hope that I can manage to stay put my interest on some instruments. E.g. piano.guitar.ukulele.violin. But having the interest somehow do not last me on the commitment to learnt it well and far. #commitmentsissue hope can do it!

#Have some savings for rainy day. I think my travel expenses for 2015 has burnt my savings and all the retail therapy recently. I was quite a saving up person, as I will think twice if I need an item or have use for it, and im not a fashionista who needs to wear different clothes design daily. Am happy with simple tees and favorite few clothes weekly. Also would not spend much on high end stuffs, as I do not have enough spending power when I am young. However, recently I am getting more and more wants rather than needs. Like and and grab it kind of stuff. Spending money on more costly items as well, and on food. I think it is good to save up more for the future… Target some goals, like having one hundred k ! Hopefully.. That goal is reachable…target smaller and increase goals slowly. Should start more investments and get more passive income!

#Be independent. I guess I have been living my life sheltered by my parents. I guess I have been living being protected and always been a child still. I did not try to be updated with stuffs going around me or be involved much at home. Thus learning how to take care of a person has been a problem if I do not know how to take care of myself. Also maybe to travel overseas for work or leisure and be ownself away experiencing independence. #hopefullyitspossible

To live, to laugh, to love. Putting my priorities right, setting my goals, and  I be good. I promised to be a good girl, Santa. Cya end of the year! #punintended #jokingtosanta #reviewendofyear #thankful #appreciatethepeople #learningprocess


Ciao, good night world.


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