Korea China 2015 / Its a cold December

Been there done that!

I could have said summarizing this trip.

It was a YOLO decision almost everyday.. Fast response was required, and later found some decisions reckless. But still we all had our fun.

Together with the Traverrers gang, we have said across to Korea and an unexpected China journey. Its was exciting to embark on this trip, despite many differences and views when comes to planning which hindered/delayed (as usual) our final decision. Haha still, looking back, we can called it an accomplishment with different personalities of good friends fighting our way through certain uncertainties encountered in this trip. Brave souls that managed to disembark China while worrying over a friend that got admitted to hospital the night before our flight. #horrifyingexp Ultimately, I want to thanks my buddies who we looked after one another during this eventful trip, and a GorGor taking care of us MeiMeis (Huey/Joc). #unexpectedtrios #traverrersftw

Let me start the story…

4th Dec Friday

It was an late night flight..

Quite rush, was busy packing all the winter clothes and gears for thr trip. Actually the total cost pre-purchased was an great amt. Might share the expenses if anyone asked.

Huey/Joc was at home, while GG was still in office. Hurried he left at 5pm ending all the enquiries and did last min packing. So Joc cab to pick GG and Huey to airport.. I think GG forgot to pack some stuffs into luggage..

We checkedin and ate dinner, wtf it was 9pm already, gate is closing. We run like mad to the gate, and the budget gate AirasiaGo dam far!


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