Random chats

Its funny how people click..

Somehow just a short meetup, can lead to just 4 of us chatting the night through 2am. #buddies #tgffrens #music #ke

Each of us had stuffs to share, we don’t show it, but it went deeper and realized everyone was not going very well at certain point in time. Talked about life, past relationships, friends, career… Seems like a lot to chat right?

It seems like tips, as well as life experience which given us to mature in some way. And we’ve more knowledgeable in a sense. We can still bullshyt n tok rubbish at this age, but ideally we do have a set of standards and expectations.

Sometimes, you will need advice be it sharing from ur end, or not. People can share about theirs n u learn from there. Not bad hur.

Overall, what makes a r/s ticks?

1 2cents shared: Sacrifice, Compatibility, Communication.

How sacrifices? Any small gestures, like knowing ur gf not feeling well, and u took leave to find her? It could comes in any form.. But stuffs willingly to make effort to.  Its heart warming..

Compatibility, ideals, goals, hobbies, character?

Communication is everything. Its hard when you do not know what the other half is thinking. But not to the report n clingy type. Just be yourself. But u will want to share your life n things that happen lately to some else right? Or u want to know what happened as well. Its a 2 way thing.

There is also others, like trust, respect, commitment, etc..

Complicated ya. Same goes for life and people.


Its sad how people can leave due to sickness, diagnose of some terminal illness. Thats why older generation are reluctant to go for checkup or even see the doctor due to fear. Fear of? I guess it may be fear of knowing your death is when, numbered.. Or just plainly death.

Guess its quite terrible when u hear such news from others, or even from your own…

Anyway, my all time favourite book is Tuesday with Morrie. Do read up. #insight #touching #lifelesson


Side track. Its funny when u get to hear about experiences, from other perspectives.

A kindergarten cher, was sharing..

Girl A stole a friend’s B toys.

Parents of B requested an apology from A to B.

Cher seems like /damistillhavtodealwiththisnochoice

Cher asked girl A: why did u do that? Stealing friend’s toys.

A: cos I like it

Cher: so if I like and take ur thing, I can?

A: no.

Cher: Then? (Its like relating back to what happen so they can understand.. #Young #values)

I cant rmb how the story ends, but kids nowadays. Hard to handle and its like u need to deal with such stuffs while teaching. Morals start from young also. If not taught well, its hard to change when older.


Theres strawberry gen, very soft, crush and its easily bruised. Cannot take pressure much.


Next, durian gen, parents are the shell, who protect the filings inside (kids). Anything the kids use parents as shield, “i tell my parents!” N they will settle it. Too sheltered.

Here’s the new type of youngsters in S’pore: The Durian Generation

And then I shared like how when I was in primary 3, aged 9 years old, my Chinese tuition cher (group tuition) will fine or punish children if you failed your tests. 50 is the passing mark, so if you get 47/100, means you failed by 3 marks, and you get whack 3 times. By cane. Yes. On the hands or on the legs. Or do squats in front of the class. Or get fine 10cent per 1 mark. Thinking back, not very sure its that what demotivated my interest in Chinese. And I sux terribly at it till now. Cos my marks can go as low as 30. 20 cane strokes? Yeah. Back then.

Then my clique was sharing they remembered thick yellow rulers. Haha and the epic moments when you tried to troll the tchers with googy stuff. Erm yea eww.

That was then. Now, no more punishment man, anything the kids get hurt, parents send complain letters.


#growingupissues #quarterlifestuff #20s hahaha. Yea whatsup human?



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