SG GE2015

So the GE is over.

Be it incumbent or opposition, it has been cast in stone for next 5 years.

Rallies heated over the week, supporters gathering, cooling period on 11/9/2015…

And finally on 12/9/2015, all have went to vote.

Despite all odds, disappointment on loss.

RIP Ah gong, hopefully words to remember by the majority. “What I fear is complacency. When things always become better, people tend to want more for less work.” 

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Other reads:

Ah gong speech 20yrs ago:

Final thoughts:

““I do worry.  I worry if we continue on in this fashion the future of Singapore is not going to be where we all want. So what we are going to do is… continue to be honest with Singapore and conduct our politics with integrity and continue to get the message out, and hope that there is something better than what we have right now.” – Chee Soon Juan

Quoted from

The media:

Interesting, unify?

Thats the GE2015, 5 yrs later, we shall see…


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