Japan Aug 2015

8D7N Tokyo trip!

Lovely place, fun to visit.. enjoyed a lot.

Sad that cannot go Hakone..


For travelling (Trains), use Hyperdia to search for routes (web or app must dl apk)


Anyone wanna view the list of places pinned (can view via below link):


Day 1 8 Aug

When to Changi Airport (SG) at about 4am, ate mcd breakkie then flight at 6.10am

Reached Tokyo at about 2.30pm (1 hour faster)

Move about in the airport for:

  1. Bought IIJMIO SIM card 2GB/3 mth – reserved from https://www.g-call.com/phone/datasim/e/rental.php

    Collection: Narita Airport QL Liner counter located on the 1st floor of the arrival lobby.

    North Wing:besides Customs Inspection (collect here)

  2. Buy Skyliner Ticket 4700Yen (round trip) + 1 day unlimited tokyo subway [open date]

    @ Narita Airport Terminal 1 1F Outside Arrival Lobby , Narita Airport Terminal 2⋅3 B1F/1F

  3. Buy Pasmo/Suica Train (e.g. SG Ez-link) Card – Can print own name on it also. I think i purchased the 4000 yen

Fireworks at Odaiba, Tokyo..

Swee bo. This is the last  year to catch this mega festival during summer, before it go on hiatus till Olympics 2020 is completed.

… too many planned stuff are impromptu changed on the spot. please take note of your time well. cannot spend too much time on one place, reach targeted time slot need move on to next.. else the last few places need to reschedule to other days.

Do read japan guide and itineraries by others. Will help yourplanning.


If you intend to go Tsukiji.

The tuna auction is too early and overrated toursy place. I did not place it as a place to visit, as I heard from a friend that she went wee hours and chop chop left the place due to a rush timing to next destination. Nothing much just humongous Tuna, and pictures taken.

Next, do read this review before deciding which Sushi to queue and head to. http://www.jamieliew.com/2015/01/sushi-dai-vs-sushi-daiwa/

I chose Sushi Daiwa instead of Sushi Dai. It was worth the set, and move on to next destination. Slot in a Starbucks stopover, went to Mega Tokyo at Sunshine City. And lastly move on to Odaiba!

Overall expenses; use shopback for rebates!

$500 airticket United (US)

$500 hotel (7N) Dormy Inn Ueno new one like may 2015? built, small but not bad reviews from a Taiwanese blog.

$20 Data sim card buy from online, collect at NKT


$73 disneysea open date ticket (HIS)

tambara lavender farm 1 day trip (HIS)

changed $2.5k but left $400

$2000 about on all meals, transport, souvenirs, box food, toys, cosmetic, bags and shoes..

mostly spent on transport.. like $2 per ride.. some places require $5 for one ride due to changing of lines..

Use hyperdia webby to navigate your way around japan with price and transfer point and which platform to go.. if you can try download the app, but my phone sony z1 cannot read the app. somehow samsung note can..


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