Day trip to Msia, KSL

Sunday 31/6, decided to Malaysia, KSL.

Went woodlands for quick bfast. Nice wor shrooms cheese big breakfast!

Mcd bfast, shrooms cheese big breakfast!

Mcd bfast, shrooms cheese big breakfast!

Long Q at woodlands! Oh no, maybe 2/3 berths long?

Decided to go Kranji and try luck. Saw 170 even longer, from bustop, till end of the exit of the mrt. Decided CW1 shorter, but this need prep $1.


Another super long Q to wait at Msia custom. Faint, not sure if enter earlier got shorter Q or not. Its Q till the back end. Just wait..

Exited, look for City Sqaure outside the interchange, took S1 2 stops to KSL.

Finally, reached KSL! Had a dance school event that day. Walk around, explore, buy grassjelly wintermelon milk tea, 50% not bad!

Decided to eat teabreak about 3pm? Dim sum there is not bad. The prawns are nice.


Teabreak at D'Shanghai

Teabreak at D’Shanghai


Ginseng Chrysanthemum drink, xiao long bao

xlb, fried prawn mango

xlb, fried prawn mango

hao gao

hao gao


Siew mai, almond prawn

Total damage, still cheap

Total damage for 2, still cheap

Gelish nails, :) decided the safest color that I like

Gelish nails, šŸ™‚ decided the safest color that I like

Walked around see many salon, but all had Qs. Looked at the price for normal express, which is cheaper than SG. Wanted French, but the charges for Gelish I feel not worth. The gel glitter gradation had additional charges also. So, ended up just paid more for the gelish services. (Perhaps other stores got cheaper rates) Finish within an hour, went back to find bf at Old town (coffee ain’t nice, no service, slow, n literally all empty tables had dishes not cleared. Duno what the people is thinking that day. Bcos I saw good reviews on blogs in 2013.)

Walked around.. Saw cinema had a long Q also, no time to watch. Epic guess is the long weekend crowds.

At 6pm, headed to do massage, at JS Reflexology & Therapy. There is wifi and TV to watch movie. Bf saw hwz review say very pain, bcos they will find ur “Jin”‘vein and rub hard. Indeed indeed, dam painful. Took the 1hr leg plus 30mins back/shoulder/neck. Ouch ouch and more ouch. Trying hard to distract myself, surf net, watch the TV show. Almost wanted to scream bcos you won’t restrict the emotion inside you, of cos didnt. A guy beside also keep asking the massager to rub not so hard, can see the pain on his face. My bf also texted me say pain. Hais almost feel tortured. Lol, but at least it’s working. Not like those bo luk then still pay for the massage then no kick one. This is like ur leg from the vein whole stretch use knuckle rub top to end. Ahhhhhhh back also same thing, from top tipl bottom the vein, knuckle rub each point down the back. But back one also feel like cant breathe sometimes, need take a few mouth of breathe in between each pressure rub. When it ended, finally. Not sure got help or not, like sleep better or what. An experience at least try before.

The bah ku teh oppo KSL behind, close already. Next time then try.

Dinner at Sushi King, feel that overall soso ain’t fantastic plus point that wanna go there to eat again. Perhaps other location that I tried which I find not bad. Pizza hut needed 1 hr waiting time, prolly eat there next round.

Q to hop a bus back to City Square, next time shall visit there. Didn’t have the time to shop both tgt in same day.

KSL bus back to JB Sentral, outside mall

KSL bus back to JB Sentral, outside mall

At msia custom, another super long queue at every lane. The best is to detect which queue has a fork lane aka 1 Q to 2 counters.. The lane I Q was to 1 counter only.. So yea as long it moves..

Went to bus Q, long Q again.. Took 950 instead. The CW2 some Q A halfway, driver say last bus, ask the behind to disband n go 170 instead. 170 is freaking long till the custom entrance the stairs there la! And the berth is extreme end of the bus interchange. CMI sia. Wait like 4/5 of 950, then board. Think it jam abit, managed to nap.

Nevertheless, reached SG custom, chop chop scan, walk a super long way to a ulu bustop before the custom checkpoint, hop on to Woodlands. Reached about 12am. Ate mcd supper, cab home.

Today woke up after 8 hours of sleep. Don’t really feel ache from the massage, n feel satisfied with yesterday trip. Will go there again. Thanks for this super long weekend. Lucky today is Vesak, can nua as much. Somehow, feeling relax. Dislike the busy buzzer speedy lifestyle.

Read this 6min:

Mediation, few sec of positive thoughts will replace negative neurons. You can change your brain to feel better, mindfully, happier and more focus.

There are benefits to living mindfully, other than happiness. People who try to live more mindfully can focus for longer periods of time.


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