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Work with love and you’ll never be bored at your job. Be kind and gentle and loving with those around you, and you’ll never be alone.

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Love, comes in many forms. However, simple but yet diffcult to achieve?


Right fit, working hard and smart.. Sometimes it is because of challenges which you will have to think of a more efficient way to complete the task. That may only acquire at certain breaking points, else simple may not look simple at all. In any way, many hands may help, but it is also whether they can actually help or bring more trouble.

Multae manus onus levant. In English: “Many hands lighten the load.”

Cooperation is itself a word derived from Latin roots; co-operation literally means “together-working,” which is the metaphorical message of today’s proverb: Many hands lighten the load. The load is still the same, of course – but the burden on each pair of hands becomes lighter when people are working together.

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When being in a team, it is how you build trust and manage your team so that they can work cooperatively or form a family (FF7). They can be an acquaintance such that working towards common goal. However, blaming and finger pointing will only makes people look at you otherwise. Hard to tell double standard people. #tough


Amat victoria curam. In English: “Victory loves carefulness.”

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Nihil sine labore. In English: “Nothing without effort.”

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Overall, learn, aptitude, it all varies. Common sense can be not common also? Hahaha

Farewell, people dont see the ground well. When hard work is not seen, and all you see is never ending road, how would you feel? There’s no reciprocation, or rewards per se. Oh wells. Random thoughts.. and gibberish..


Something interesting that I chanced upon!

I wonder what was the result during the initial interview on some of the questions through the conversations. #tense as I was. haha epic.

Aptitude tests variation taken from:


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