Farewell again

Last night, celebrated one of colleague’s “last” day in company.

Went to Sodam to eat Korean’s food at Tanjong Pagar. Place: http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/sodam-korean-restaurant-and-bar-anson-tanjong-pagar/

After that went to drink, chit chat, chill. Haha yqr jiu shi yqr, epic way of ordering.

Last day in office for dear colleague, SM. She’s the twelve out the 16 lunch buddies that clique well together. 🙂 Farewell my friend, we will meet again.

Was very tired as stayed at client’s place till 6am, dammit. Haha data migration + verification. 2nd time for this crazy project. Went home slp abit, then go back to office. Colleague said actually can dont need go office since not productivity, as I only attended a training during afternoon only. -.- At least i still attended training what, not like something big, but a of the rare trainings. Tired max after outing, instant KO man.

Work, last week was appraisal sessions, got some talk with CEO and COO. They shared why the ratings was so etc, that 2 is that the Appraiser (RM) is meet the expectations, 3 is slighly meet expectations, 4 is exceed expectations but lack in some areas, and 5 extremely over the standards. Lame! 2 then meet expectations, if I get that rating confirm demoralized. Am I really not doing enough to deserve 2 only? Though last year, was a bad year, almost everyone get that rating. Sians =/ Then how was the past everyone was graded? Anyone who hit 2 as standard, get appraised?

Hearing appraisal reviews and learning that they are focusing to teach everyone more knowledge on company product, trying to “zai pei” ppl and how the seniors get good “grades” sounds comforting. But based on the earlier point, it is not a very clear indicative of one’s performance, neither a fare rating to judge others. I do hope the review sessions could be better for others.

From my POV, there is no standard, on how one should work towards at, such that you hit this KPI, you know you be rewarded, unlike other organisations. If a yearly review, based on your work basis, there is variable bonus no matter what, as you did a service to the company And here comes the performance perhaps you get a better appraisal from your manager as he/she works well with you, but if you did poorly, you have a clear idea where you did not right or could be better. I doubt this may happen from this round, as not many get called into the sessions, which is lacking. At least not from the top, but direct RM, so that they can understand more how or what the RM required. A better RM will really give advice, which I do appreciate it. Management is not an easy thing, neither leading. That is why someone who manage and someone who leads do differ, but one can also learn from both sides to be someone better. /shrugs read too much articles.

Though the scope is something that I like to do, budden during peak period, no good. Though the management seems to be changing, but duno how long or better it will be..

New blood, new ideas.

What is everyone worth’s? How do you view yourself on this tiny earth in this gigantic galaxy?

Every human is entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”  So,initially every human being is worthy of respect .

With those rights comes responsibility.  Responsibility to treat everyone else with respect and to conduct oneself as just one participant in a free society.  This means self discipline and control.  So from initial respect one can lose respect because of one’s actions.

quoted: http://www.quora.com/

Haha, drive is low. Off and on, duno where to head, duno can last how long…

Toodles world.


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