LKY Tribute

23 March 2015, marks the day when Singapore founding father passed away, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, age 91 at SGH.

For the past 2 weeks, tributes online far and wide, stories, website, shared across the internet.

Google has even placed a black ribbon, for LKY. (Note: there are few appearances before as well)

The state funeral was held for a week, at Singapore’s Parliament House, for 7 days till 29 March. Leaders and many countries reputable people worldwide made their way to pay their respects. Definitely, for Singaporeans, we can visit any community centre set up to pay respects as the crowd queuing to Parliament House is extremely long and requires much crowd control.

While observing the queue status in the Remembering LKY webby, a few friends who made it down, and also a colleague who asked if I would like to join her on a very midnite/wee hours who can drive there. I finally made my way down on a Saturday afternoon, 28/3, which was the last day of paying respect where the Parliament House will be closed at 8pm to prepare for the next day. My boyfriend accompanied me, and we wrote our own tributes on a piece of paper to mark his contributions to Singapore, thanking him for what is of today and lastly may he rest in peace. Standing in front of the Parliament House, which is also a rare occasion, where “Ping Ming” ordinary people can enter, looking up at the state flag.

Next, on Sunday, 29/3, where everyone’s TV/PC is on to tune into the eulogies made by LKY family and many others, before the Procession begins with Funeral Service held for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew at the University Cultural Centre (UCC), NUS. Singaporeans made their way early to line the streets despite the rainy weather in honor of him. My parents and I, also made our way near our house to line the streets, wearing ponchos, and awaiting for the car to pass by. It is indeed another memorable event, where such great motivation of many Singaporeans coming together as one. One of my ex-colleague said her girl went home and told her mum, “I will tell my grandchildren about Mr Lee and I was here to see him off..”. Cute lil’ girl, I am sure we all do.

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