Boracay Beach Getaway!

Went to Boracay with my J’s group. 4 to 8 march 2015.

It’s been long since we last travelled to Vietnam in 2011/2?


2 water sports accomplishments!

Parasailing – its dizzy up in the sky and on the boat too. Still the view is magnificent. My buddy carabina hook was off and we were scared if it mishaps happen. Thank God.

Helmet diving/reef coral walking – amazing how the air pressure pumped into the helmet such that you can breathe and walk on the sea bed with just a helmet. Its fkin heavy, the weight. Feeding and looking at fishes passed by. Cool. I almost shocked myself when the water level rises in my helmet, but watching the video (free copy inclusive in the package) seems like other helmet looks fine and everyone was super happy.

Day 1 – 4 Mar 2015

Arrival to Kalibo International Airport. Was quite amaze that you will touch down and exit directly at the runway. Guess the airport is very small, rural, and technically not advanced. So well, another experience. Walk through the runway and into the non-aircon airport, with long queue of people waiting. Even the baggage collection is manually handled by their staff passing. (You know like those race collection, baggage point)

Next went to look for transport to the boat station. The process is quite long. Before that bought a Data Sim Card.

Gonna be there for 5 Days, so got the 7 day package for ₱299. (P.S. Tethering is slow too,

Shall continue next time


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