Happy Birthday & CNY 2015

Last week, went out to celebrate Chinese New Year. Bought a colorful Kaleidoscope like prints dress from Temt. It was on sale last year, kept for this occasion. L o v e the purple and colors! Didn’t get to travel much this year, as dad was in Hospital for a few days for a minor check. So visited him on day 2, collected some ang baos there instead. Heard distant ah ma also went in. Good thing is one of the distant relative open up her house and it was like the old times, big group chitchat. Talking how the kids, we grew up so big alr. Haha. Overall same cny over and over, less festive mood. – During the weekend, went out to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend. How time flies, 25’already. Mid life crisis eh? Wanted to eat dim sum, but didn’t get to eat Victors kitchen as it was closed for CNY. Movie, Vegas to Macau. Dinner, ion kopitiam, 3 long dim sum to satisfy cravings. Shall visit Victors next time! – End of weekend, start of a new week. Back to work. Holidays over. Mug and enjoy in a while! Looking forward to Boracay in March and my GoPro Silver gift from bf! 🙂


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