end of 2014, and start of 2015 (Joc)

A New Year A New Start

Glimpse of mia life

On 31 Dec 2014, I started drinking Skinny Mint Morning Boost.

On 2 Jan 2015, I started drinking Skinny Mint Night Cleanse.

Though it is to boost energy, reduce bloatedness and snacking, detox your body at night, thats what it entice me to purchased it. Hope it helps!

Meanwhile, went to find my bf and spent our last day of 2014 dining at Coffee Daily (Address: 75 Brighton Crescent, 559216). Ordered all day breakfast and coffee/macha latte. 🙂

Decided to take a walk to Chomp Chomp area for desserts. Landed at Udders (Just across the road from Chomp Chomp! at MyVillage Mall). Quite a nice blend, rums&raisins and mango.

Next, its crazy, from Serangoon Gardens, we tried to continue walking to Bishan MRT to end the day for our walking impromptu expedition. Bf offered to carry my laptop bagpack as I buay tahan (cannot take it) the weight liao. So randomly walking, and we heard some commotion and noises from Bishan-Toa Payoh Park!!

It is already closing 12MN, so we decided to check what is happening. It is  actually the Community Centre organizing a countdown party at the park. Aint we lucky!

Thus we found a spot, next counting down “5,4,3,2,1” FIREWORKS BLOOM!

Yep, and i videoed it down. Like so cool.

Thats the end of 2014, and start of 2015 in a nutshell.

Happy New Year all! 🙂


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