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 A Japanese brain researcher has found that there is a zone in our brain that makes us feel motivated to do something.
“The only way to activate this brain zone is to give it some stimulus…meaning, even if you don’t feel like doing something, you need to start doing it. Once you begin doing it, it will be stimulated, and will start to go into self-excitation mode – which will heighten your concentration and motivation.”
source: Hiroki Niizato’s blog
Something that I need now to walk through this project period, as usual. The cycle never ends.
Kinda lost it “de burning midnight oil daily” when one of the seniors left. Though sth unexpectedly happened, but it may not be activated like it used to. The pressing for time feeling. Super nuaz.
Side note: navigated to
Not bad.
/thequotehelps #stimulus #startdoing sweet

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